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I've not been doing a lot of writing lately, but I'm hoping that posting some things I've had sitting around for a while and reading more of other peoples work might encourage me to get back into the swing of things. Also need to start designing some graphics again - that was a lot of fun. Here's a starter - just a small story this time.

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Rain, rain go away...

It has rained here almost non-stop since Wednesday - that's lots and lots of rain - and it's getting pretty annoying now. 
Normally that would mean lots of time indoors sitting at the computer writing / designing, but since coming back from Canada I've been knocked out by some cough / cold bug doing the rounds. 

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Fan Fiction Image Manipulations (1)

Around this time last year I was introduced to the world of livejournal and graphic art by a certain fellow seaQuest and graphics fan (modestroad ) and I've never looked back.  I started out with simple seaQuest avatars but quickly learned there was a lot more to playing about with images than just making icons.  There are so many incredible artists out there with lots of ideas and techniques to learn from.  I'd seen a few journals where two actors had been put together in a composite photo to go with a story and LOVED this idea.

A few months later I picked out an actress to 'act' as the OC I'd created for my seaQuest fan fictions and I set about creating some image manipulations of her and Miguel Ortiz.  I picked out Alexis Bledel by her age and pure chance, but I think she's worked out pretty well for this.
I use GIMP, which can be pretty restricting at times, mainly because the program is so memory consuming I have to turn everything else off before I run it - including the internet, so therefore my manipulations may not be as top spec as those produced by photoshop users.  But I've had fun making them and have finally decided to share them with a wider audience.

A lot of work went into these so stealing will be frowned upon.  Icons and manipulations are off limits but feel free to snag a wallpaper for personal use.  I've mainly posted these for feedback, so if you're passing by please comment and let me know what you think, where I could improve, etc.  More will be posted eventually x


More Icon Gifts

Complete set of 9 icons and one image manipulation for chaoticprose based on her seaQuest and RSOC fan fiction series.

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A Little Gift

I was really excited, a couple of weeks ago, to stumble across someone else who writes OC fan fiction and likes to make graphics for their stories.  So this is a little gift for [info]chaoticprose .

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This is a bit late, but I've started posting chapters of the follow story up to 'Keep Moving Forward' on fanfiction.net.  Set in season two, this one has a much larger scale and sets the scene for future stories I'll be writing.  It also strays into AU - my alternative ending for season two, thus creating an alternate timeline for me to play with.

Title: A Stranger I Once Knew
Fandom: seaQuest
Characters/Pairing: Season two cast plus an OC, Miguel Ortiz / OC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Reunions are bittersweet, as secrets from the past are finally revealed and the crew face an uncertain future as animosity towards the UEO begins to surface.
Author's Notes: This is a long fic, so sit tight - there's a lot of ground to cover but hopefully it's worth it.  You can get to it by clicking on the image above.  Comments are welcome and appreciated both here and at fanfiction, but if you have a criticism please make it constructive.  Writers gain nothing from nasty feedback except a loss in self-confidence.
seaQuest concept and characters are the intellectual property of Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Ben and Katie

I came up with an idea this morning and here's what came out of it.  This is my first seaQuest character wallpaper - it's not particularly good - hopefully I'll get better, but it was fun to do.

This one's for Lene, modestroad , appleblossom2 , chaoticprose and all the other Ben and Katie shippers out there.


Where's the sun gone?

Hi everyone!
It's certainly not as sunny here as it was last weekend.  It's raining on and off, so I think it'll be a day for catching up with those boring jobs such as ironing and tidying up.  Would much rather be stomping about in a forest somewhere taking photos.
Got train tickets booked for my short break at the beginning of July - very excited - can't wait to get away for a bit.  Different scenery, different people - just what the doctor ordered.
Another small batch of sQ icons today.  Haven't been doing a lot of graphics lately, but am close to finishing a set of fan fiction image manips so I'll post them when they're all finished.  I'm a slight perfectionist so that might take a while.
Enjoy - comments and credit are always appreciated x

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Easter Treats

No, I'm not talking about chocolate, even though we've all probably consumed a lot of that over the last week (or is that just me?) - it's been a while since I last posted, which means it's time for a post of icons and wallpapers.
I've finally finished making a batch of seaQuest wallpapers for Season Two.  They're along the same lines as the first batch but with slight changes.  This time there's one for all the cast members, (well, almost everyone - I decided not to do Doctor Smith - the promo (porno) picture of her is just a bit rude for my tastes), and a couple of group ones too.

AND on top of that, Tipsy Tim has now been extended, so we get to find out whether he gets the girl or not.

I finally got to see Twilight the whole way through last night.  I pre-ordered the DVD online but just over half-way through it started jumping, so I took it out and discovered it was scratched! ARGH!  So I had to post it back to get a new one.  A friend of mine had a copy that worked, so I went over to hers and had a girly DVD night - good fun.

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Two Twilight Walls

I've had these in my head for a while now but it's taken a while to sit down and actually make them.
The first one is of the infamous cliff diving scene in New Moon.  I got the new Fray album last month and there's a lyric in 'We Build Then We Break' that made me think of this scene.  I'm really pleased with the way it came out because there were a lot of different elements to get right.
The second is pretty self-explanatory.  The lyrics are from a song on the Twilight soundtrack - 'Spotlight' by Mutemath.  I hated this song when I first heard it, but those lyrics really fit.
I stumbled across 'Moonlight' - the vampire TV series that was cancelled by CBS a couple of years back.  It's really quite corny, but enjoyable enough I suppose.  Might make a few walls for it.
The Bella font, textures and square brush are from ~runswithvamps on deviantART.
Enjoy - and please comment if you take one, or even if you just like it - it's really nice to hear what people think x



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